Rod Hairston is a certified coach, with a Master's degree in counseling.  He has been coaching NFL couples, business professionals, and college students to break through emotional and attachment barriers for nearly 30 years.  He is a national speaker on men’s and marriage needs and the author of two books.  Cover Her and Cover Him have introduced thousands of men and women to the biblical concept of “covering” in marriage.  For 14 years Rod worked as the chaplain and life coach to the NFL's Baltimore Ravens, earning two Super Bowl rings.  His greatest accomplishments in life however are his nearly 30-year marriage to Sheri and their four adult children.

Love Again Marriage Coaching


The pressure to compete as a professional athlete puts unique strain on marriages. Coaching equips couples to overcome life-pain learn to see each other, and move toward deep emotional connection in order to build a winning legacy of marriage and family.


Succeeding as an executive doesn’t have to mean putting the relationship needs of your marriage and family last.  Coaching for the leader whose career requires intense focus and long hours equips you to become emotionally clear, relationally connected, and fully-engaged in a happy marriage and healthy family.


The weight of the pastoral call perhaps has no parallel given the constant pull of ministry needs.  Coaching will equip pastors and ministry leaders to cultivate a pace that serves your marriage, nurture emotional connection with your spouse, and practice empathy that  heals emotional wounds.