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Rod Hairston is a two-time NFL Super Bowl champion, author, certified life coach, pastor and speaker, with a master’s degree in Counseling/Marriage & Family from Lancaster Bible College/Capital Seminary.  He has spoken to college students, men, and couples since 1992.  His passions include:


  • Coaching high-functioning leaders/couples to develop deeply intimate marriages
  • Guiding men to breakthroughs in emotional wholeness, marriage connection, and fatherhood 

  • Equipping couples with busy professional lives to leave a strong legacy of marriage and family

  • Teaching spouses how to “Cover” one another 


His passion for healthy marriages and families began in his childhood where he saw mostly divorce and fatherlessness.  Rod resolved that he would be a faithful husband and dedicated father someday.  But the path he was on early in life was on a crash course with his resolution.


One day a close friend confronted him about his hypocrisy.  That moment proved pivotal in his life.  In college he was inspired by the eye-opening examples of men from different walks and professions who modeled what he longed for for himself — a strong marriage and the joys of fatherhood.  Eventually he began to speak boldly to other men about leading in their relationships with women.  He has since, taught and counseled thousands of men  and couples.  His first two books are Cover Her and his latest, Cover Him.


Rod has been a guest on Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey and Real Life TV with Tom Hollis & Amy Schafer, and is a frequent speaker at Pro Athletes Outreach, Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conferences, NO Regrets Men’s Conferences, and at couples gatherings across the U.S.


For more information about Rod’s story and his coaching work see the sample videos below.

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Cover Him is a coaching manual for wives who want to know how best to relate to the mysterious needs, thoughts, and feelings of the men who mean the most to her —  i.e. husband, father, sons, nephews.

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