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Rod Hairston MA - Marriage Coach

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Rod Hairston, MA


Marriage Coach | Author | Speaker | Pastor

Dynamically improving marriages, families & relationships

Marriage is my passion!  Helping people who lead others to thrive in the most precious of relationships is what I love to do. My passion for healthy marriages and families began in childhood where I saw mostly divorce and fatherlessness.  I resolved that I would be a faithful husband and dedicated father someday.  Little did I know how ill-equipped I was for my dream.  Workaholism, a lack of emotional intelligence, and intoxication with the instant feedback of winning at work got in the way.  I woke up after a series of spats with my bride and realized I wasn't who I had dreamed of becoming. 


It was year 9.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was falling apart, chasing success with very successful people.  As an NFL chaplain I was teaching marriage lessons that I was struggling to apply in my own home.  Those struggles forced me to face my own brokenness and my need for the trusted guidance of coaches, my therapist, and my mentors.  I don't know where I'd be without the wisdom of those wise leaders who came alongside me to coach me to become a more self-aware, emotionally whole, and empathic husband, father, and leader.


What I've learned, I love to share.  Yes, I'm honored to be a two-time NFL Super Bowl champion, an author, and a pastor.  But as a certified coach with a master’s degree in counseling, I'm really grateful to help busy professionals win at home and in their careers.  It's my joy to help those who lead in professional sports, in business and in ministry experience the power of transformed selves, transformed marriages, and transformed families.  After all why should we win in public only to fail in private, with the people who need us most. We are made for so much more!  

Over the years, I've had the privilege of being a guest on Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey and Real Life TV with Tom Hollis & Amy Schafer, to be a frequent speaker at Pro Athletes Outreach, Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conferences, NO Regrets Men’s Conferences, and at couples gatherings across the U.S.  My first two books are Cover Her and Cover Him.  (I really hope you'll find them helpful.)  Those experiences have served to remind me that marriage struggles are in every neighborhood and in every workplace, no matter the price of the home or the product sold.


If I can serve you through my marriage coaching work, it would be my honor.  I happen to believe anyone can improve their relationship skills when armed with wise support, room to be human, and timeless insights that simply work when applied.  Yes, you can have a great marriage and a great family life and I'd like to help you get there!

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Cover Him is a coaching manual for wives who want to know how best to relate to the mysterious needs, thoughts, and feelings of the men who mean the most to her —  i.e. husband, father, sons, nephews.

Perhaps you're working on your marriage or wanting guidance and encouragement to thrive in your relationships. It's time for you to Love Again. Contact Rod today to inquire about the best coaching package for you!

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As a former 11 year NFL veteran, NFL Chaplain and Director of NFL Programs for Pro Athletes Outreach for 12 years, I have heard and interacted with many well known Christian speakers, authors, and teachers. I consider Rod Hairston at the top of that list.


Sessions with Pastor Rod bought us closer together as a couple- helping us to have healthy communication and answering to the pains in our past that made things difficult for us in our marriage.


My husband and I  began marriage coaching after being in a relationship crisis. We were headed to separation or divorce. Rod was the key to us opening up and realizing issues in ourselves and more importantly how to address them. This has been by far the absolute best investment into our family’s legacy. 


Marriage and Family Coaching with Rod Hairston changed the trajectory of our marriage. We were at the brink of divorce. We began to apply the coaching, and our marriage was transformed. We saw each other differently, we were more empathetic, we showed more grace, we communicated about our struggles and feelings, most importantly, we found love again.


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